Parking for Artists only

Up to two parking spaces in the church yard are available for our artists, but please let the Chairman know in advance if you need these. 

With Google Maps or a Satnav

If you are using Google Maps, enter both the postcode and street name PR1 2NP, George's Rd., Preston.  Do not input St. George's Rd.  With a satnav, be sure the mapping is up to date, as there have been changes to one way streets and pedestrian zones.  Check the final approach, which must be via Fleet St.

The Old Fashioned Way

You need to approach on the A59 Ring Road.  There is a junction with a Premier Inn on one side, and Office Outlet opposite.  In the photographs below, follow the white car in front. Turn into Fleet St., a narrow one way street which passes in front of a brick building that says Caring Hands on the front.  Continue to the end of Fleet St., and turn right, then immediately left.  The entrance to the church yard is through the first gate on the left.  (Do not go straight ahead into the delivery area for the shopping centre.)

Going Home

After the concert, please see the Chairman for directions to get away. Local knowledge is necessary.